How To Use Keywords In Your Blog

When it comes to blogging for your business, many understand that it can be important, yet are unsure about the best way to get started. Often times, this leads to blogs which are aimless and have no clear intent, other than to provide reading material to visitors. In order to have an effective business blog, one needs to consider the relevance of the content and how it will relate to their target audience. So how do you find out what content is relevant to your target audience? One great place to begin is with keyword research.


Keyword research is simply the process of identifying keywords that your target audience is using to find content online pertaining to your industry, business, or services. There are some different resources to use for this, but the most common is Google’s keyword planner tool.

To complete keyword research, use the keyword planner tool and search for key phrases that others might use to find your company. For instance, if you were a plumber, keywords to search could include “where to find a plumber in (city)” or “how to repair a leaky faucet.” Keywords don’t have to just be one word, they can be phrases, like those listed above. In fact, most searches happening today are completed using long tail search phrases in the form of questions.

After you have identified some keywords and phrases that your potential audience might use to find your company, the next step is to begin crafting content around those phrases. By including keywords in the title, body, image alt text, and meta data, you can better optimize your blog for search and create more opportunities for your potential customers to find you. Take a look at some successful blogs, even those that are not related to your industry, to get an idea about how to incorporate keywords into your blogs. Often times, successful blogs have done a good job of identifying key phrases and incorporating them into their content.

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