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Tell us about the top of your sales and marketing funnel.

On average, how many visits does your website get each month?

Do you have a search engine optimization strategy?

How often do you perform keyword research?

How often do you analyze your websites pages to identify whether they're optimized effectively?

Do you have a blog?

How often do you post blog articles?

Do you publish your blog posts via social media channels?

Do you monitor social media for mentions of your brand name, important keywords or competitors?

Does anybody at your company monitor the social media activity of your leads, prospects or customers?

Is your website and the email you send easy to read on a mobile device?

Tell us about the middle of your sales and marketing funnel.

Overall, how many new leads do you generate each month on average?

What percentage of those leads are generated via your website in most months?

What percentage of your website leads convert into customers each month? (Typically: 0 - 25%)

Have you defined the profile of your company's ideal lead?

How many offers (ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, assessments, free trials, free consultations) do you have available on your website?

How many active landing pages do you have on your website?

How often do you build and launch new calls to action to drive traffic to your landing pages?

Do you generate leads from organic search engine traffic?

Do you generate leads from social media traffic?

Do you generate leads from your blog?

Do you generate leads from pay per click traffic?

Tell us about the bottom of your sales and marketing funnel.

How many new opportunities does your sales team generate in an average month?

How many new customers do you sign on in the typical month?

What is the average value of deals that you close?

How often do you send email marketing messages?

How many contacts do you email on a monthly basis?

Do you segment your email list and send different messages to different segments?

Do you use marketing automation or lead nurturing?

Do you send email to lists of addresses that you've bought or rented?

What CRM tool are you currently using?

Tell us about your marketing goals.

What is your monthly revenue goal?

What is your primary marketing goal?

Do you have your company's support for this goal?

How do you plan to accomplish that goal?

What hurdles are preventing you from achieving that goal?

What is your timeline for achieving that goal?