Are Keywords Important To My Business?

Everyday, Google processes roughly 3.5 million searches, which is about 40,000 searches per second. It is overwhelmingly obvious that when people have questions or are looking for information, they turn to the internet. People search using keywords, which are phrases that get entered into a search engine to achieve results. Keywords can be as simple as “dog” or as complex as “best place to find pizza in Atlanta after midnight.” The latter would be an example of a long-tail keyword. Increasingly, people are using long-tail keywords to find more specific information in search engines.


Businesses can capitalize on internet traffic by optimizing content to be recognized by search engines. This means creating content that uses keywords that people are searching for to find out information about products or services that your company offers. By incorporating keywords into your content, which includes web pages, blogs, video tags, and social media, you can increase your chances of being found by people who are searching on the internet using those key phrases. This involves getting into the minds of your potential customers and providing value to them by giving them answers to their questions.

This is an example of an inbound marketing strategy where a business can attract potential customers to them, rather than blasting information at them. Using these strategies, companies can specifically target people who are interested in the services or products they offer and interact with them in a comfortable environment. More and more companies are turning to inbound marketing to enhance their presence online.


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