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Not your typical SEO
If your company appears in the top search engine rankings, someone searching for your product or service is much more likely to click on a link to your website. And when they do, they're more likely to reach for their wallet and boost your revenues.
Our secret formula
Netseeding creates unique and relevant content to promote your website. This content broadens your exposure and gets you found in search engines when people are looking for what it is you offer.
Improved rankings
Over time, you will increase your rankings in the search engines for the products and services you provide. Search engine marketing is a component of your business you can't afford to under utilize.
We help people find you in top directories:

Why You Need Netseeding

So you have a website... great. How will prospective customers find you? It's essential to have an internet marketing plan so that you can rank high on the major search engines. Netseeding uses the latest marketing techniques to help you achieve and maintain a competitive presence on the web. To find out more about our practices see: Internet marketing practices.

But Don't Just Take Our Word

"Our company has expertise in clinical documentation improvement, however we knew nothing about search engine ranking. We relied on word-of-mouth to get our name passed around, but that only got us so far. With the lagging economy we wanted to be proactive in establishing some new channels of lead generation. We have been working with Netseeding for the last two quarters and have seen incredible results, including #1 rankings for some of our keywords. Our prospective clients frequently utilize Google to find information about our ever-changing field and now they're finding us."
Samantha S. DCBA Inc.

Search Engine Optimization

Many SEO companies promise top search engine rankings for a "too good to be true" price. Often times the tactics that are used are considered by Google to be link spamming. This typically results in little to no positive impact or, even worse, a negative effect on search rankings. These tactics include low-value directory submissions and mass forum posts and automated blog commenting. Google has recently devalued these poor quality links, while we have been rewarded for the methods we use.
Quality content will never lose value in Google since it gives the user an overall positive experience. Our practices capitalize on doing what Google likes to see. We prove that to our clients with an increase in their search ranking.